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What Seperates Cleaning Company of America from Other Cleaning Companies?

Extensive selection of services, including Green Cleaning


Your company’s security is always our top priority. We do extensive background checks on all of our employees and only hire people legally allowed to work in the US. Anyone not authorized will not be allowed in your workplace under our watch.

Green Cleaning

Most cleaning companies cut costs on man power by using harmful chemicals that age your workplace and are bad for the envirnoment. Cleaning Company of America only uses Eco-Friendly products. We work with your staff to start recycling programs, reduce waste, and create a cleaner-greener workplace.

Best Value

Commercial cleaning for your office or resturant is much cheaper than you expect. Cleaning Company of America will match any price – service for service. More importantly, we will construct a contract that works around your budget. Without sacrificing service.

Always Available

CleaningCOA is always available. We return calls immediately, and someone will be at your place of business within a hour of the call. We clean around your schedule and have cleaning support 24 hours a day.


Cleaning Company of America staff go through extensive training. Our longtime clients trust us to clean high value items, private offices and bathrooms. Known for our discretion, we clean secure and restricted sites from West Palm Beach to Miami.

High Standards

If an immucalate workplace is important to you and your coworkers Cleaning Company of America is the commercial cleaning company for you. Our clients regularly complement us on our impeccable standards.


We have worked with many clients and always like to hear their experince was happy one and left them satisfied. Have a look what our clients said about us.

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JJClean Offers Cleaning Tips and Reasons Why You Should Be Using a Professional Cleaning Service.

Clean Work Environment Makes Workers More Productive.

on March 2, 2018

The Results are Clear - A Clean Workplace is a Healthy Workplace It goes without saying that the biggest benefit to commercial cleaning is the improvement in employee health. Healthy employees take less sick time saving your company money by preventing lost productivity. The average person is shocked when we tell them how quickly a workplace gathers germs. Most people think that toilets are the dirtyest spot in the office.

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Dust -- The Enemy of Every Workplace

on February 10, 2018

Here’s Five Quick Tips to Deal With Dust In Your Workplace Pick A Direction - You want to make sure you get every spot. This means you need a system. The easiest system is to go around the room and finish where you started. That means going clockwise or counter clockwise. It doesn’t matter, just pick a direction and stick with it. Start High, then Go Low - There’s no point in dusting low if you’re going to pepper the area with more dust from above.

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Recycling: How it can save you thousands a year

on January 17, 2018

Running An Office Recycling Program Does More Than Save The Environment We all want to do our part to save the environment and reduce our footprint on the earth. But we also want more tangible benefits. What if I told you that by running an office recycling program you can, at the same time, save the earth and your company some money? Crazy? While it might sound crazy it’s true.

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4 Reasons A Cleaning Service Actually Save You Money

on January 3, 2018

Don’t Think of it as Spending Money When you hire a commercial cleaning company you might be tempted to view the contract price as a cost. However, when you think about all the ways a cleaning service helps your business you might start seeing it as saving money. Here’s four reasons why a cleaning company save you money Save Money On Staff Using a commercial cleaner lets you save on having your own in-house janitorial staff.

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