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Cleaning Company of America services everything from Class "A" Office Space, to Auto Dealerships, Resturants & Night Clubs, Medical Centers, and Schools. Cleaning Company of America is the best, most trusted, and largest privately owned commercial cleaning in South Florida.

We know how to clean car showrooms. Cleaning Company of America’s dealership cleaning services pays special attention to: Glass Customer Areas Under Cars Restrooms (staff and client) Shop Floor / Service Drive Detail Show Room Floors (we use non skid products) Your first impression is our first impression At Cleaning Company of America we understand that your showroom is your presentation card.

Health care facilities face many issues when selecting a cleaning service company. Most cleaning services experience high turnover, have staff that isn’t properly trained, are lazy with zero attention to details or procedures, and most importantly don’t know the proper chemicals to use. Cleaning Company of America hires only E-Verified workers. Our workers are extensively trained and we send only the best to our medical clients. We realize how important a clean sterile environment is and that’s why we train all staff on the proper use of hospital grade disinfectants.

Your Restaurant’s Reputation is Important to Us. We know what it takes wow customers. Clean Carpets and Floors near kitchen. Dust free tables and ledges. Shinning surfaces. Clean, good smelling carpets. Immaculate bathrooms. A sparkling kitchen. Cleaning Staff You Can Trust - Operating 24 hours a day Affordable Priced for Every Sized Restaurant, We tailor our contract to your budget without sacrificing service. Ask about our multi-location discount Eco-Friendly Products. We know you care about the environment and we do too. We save you money. By reducing waste and finding clever solutions like recycling programs and better products Cleaning Company of America ends up saving you money.

Unlike most cleaning companies that take a reactive approach to cleaning, Cleaning Company of America takes a proactive approach to our cleaning. Cleaning Company of America takes pride in ensuring that students and teachers have a clean, germ-free environment. This is important for both the teachers productivity and the students health and ability to learn. When cleaning our schools we focus on Messy floors, hard surface and carpets Germ covered toys and supplies Dirty bath and washroom areas Filthy eating areas We wipe down all surfaces, toys, and supplies. Wiping down with microfiber products is the most effective way to defend against germs.

Office Cleaning: Dependable, Consistent and Efficient – References available

We are a privately owned company that takes pride in our reputation and service. We know what’s required for a clean office workplace. Cleaning Company of America’s services go beyond what standard in house staff is capable of. Your office space will shine and smell better than you ever thought possible. There’s no comparison between a professional cleaning service and your current cleaning staff. We have skill sets and specialized knowledge that comes with years of experience.

Clean modern lobby
Clean table and meeting room
Clean table and meeting room

“After going through many inferior services we called Cleaning Company Of America. They’re reliable, easy to deal with, and fairly priced. Patrick, or Yessina returns our calls right away and someone is there within the hour. Everyone from our employees to visitors compliment us on how clean our building is now.”

Larry M - Building Manager

“Unlike other services Jim really cares about offering a great service. He really is passionate about the environment and even gave us some great tips for us to use at home for less toxic products.”

Christina A - Hospital Manager