Protecting Our Earth

We’re committed to being one of the best cleaning companies on Earth, protecting the Earth! As a Florida based company, Cleaning Company of America is conscious on the importance of conserving our environment not only for this generation but for the future of our children. This is why, from its creation, Cleaning Company of America envisioned itself as janitorial company committed to operate with an environmental approach to cleaning. Throughout the years, Cleaning Company of America met the CIMS (Cleaning Industry Management Standard) standards and opted for a Green Building (GB) designation.

The Clients Time is Valuable

We respond within the hour. Cleaning Company of America prides itself on offering the most responsive, professional and reliable quality management support in the industry. With us, you will get immediate answer on your request. Our bottom line is: We will resolve any issue within the hour. All cleaning operations are performed after business hours and on weekends. Our schedules are flexible around your schedule. We take special requests.

Safety is Important

We worry about your safety and the safety of our employees and customers. We understand your safety and that of your tenant’s is of the upmost importance. All of our employees receive background checks and are diligently verified with the Social Security Administration. Information is available to the Property Manager at any time. Our employees receive strict safety training which it includes safety as the number one concern. This is why, our employees will not allow anyone into any office or building while they are cleaning, regardless of their credentials. Cleaning Company of America cleaning crews must complete an intensive training program to ensure that each employee understand equipment techniques and company standards.

Customer Security is a Top Priority

Security Matters to Us We keep a door log of who enters and leaves the building with notes on any tenants that are still in the office after we’re done cleaning. We ensure the safety of your codes and make sure all codes and alarms are set every night.

Quality in Everything We Do

We detail clean from corner to corner. We like to set the standard high from the beginning. Cleaning Company of America guarantees that you and your tenants will see a noticeable improvement in your building. We start every job with a complete detail clean of the entire building, from corner to corner. This includes the shampooing of all carpets and machine scrubbing and/or waxing of all floors. Cleaning Company of America utilizes the highest quality products and techniques to clean your facility. We perform weekly daytime inspections and monthly walk-thrus with building management.